Recent Purchases

Mitsubishi Outlander (2010)

Mitsubishi Outlander (2010)

Redland Bay

Upon receiving a customer’s call regarding an engine issue with their Mitsubishi Outlander (2010), they expressed financial constraints hindering them from affording the necessary repairs.


Volkswagen Caddy (2012)


We recently received an unregistered Volkswagen Caddy (2012) from a customer in Annerley Qld, who needed to remove it promptly. Recognizing their urgency, we offered a hassle-free solution by providing complimentary towing services.


Honda Jazz (2009)


A customer approached us with an old car they no longer needed, seeking to sell it as-is to reclaim space on their lawn. We offered top cash for their vehicle and delivered exceptional service.


Nissan Micra (2008)

Acacia Ridge

The customer reached out to us regarding a mechanical issue and their inability to dedicate resources for repairs. We offered a top-dollar deal and organized a car pickup within 2 hours.


Kia Rio (2014)

Alexandra Hills

In Alexandra Hills, the customer possessed an old Kia Rio (2014) car without registration or a roadworthy certificate and sought quick disposal. We facilitated free towing within an hour to assist with their prompt disposal.


Audi A6 (2010)


With a blown head gasket and a damaged engine, the car was destined for scrapping over the weekend. We presented an unbeatable offer and swiftly scheduled pickup during that same weekend.


Our mission is to become the No.1 Car Removal, Vehicle Disposal & Recycling Company in Brisbane, AU. Even our customer’s satisfaction rate is 10 times more than other car removal companies.