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Cash For Cars

Cash For Cars

Sell Your Unwanted Cars for quick cash & avail on-the-spot car removals anywhere in Brisbane. Call Us Today!!

Car Removal

Car Removal

Whether your car is parked in Brisbane or elsewhere in any of its suburbs, we collect your car in no time.

Car Buyers

Car Buyers

We are the biggest leading scrap car buyer all over the Brisbane region helping you to get your car off your hands.

Cash For Cars

Auto Recycler

We recycle all used auto parts of the cars & prepare them for further use in same models. Get Free Eco-friendly Car Removal Services near me, Brisbane.

Car Wreckers

Car Wrecker

We are the best auto car wreckers in Brisbane wide Sell your abandoned car for wrecking or buy second-hand auto parts at affordable prices.

Truck Removal

Truck Removals

We Specialize in removing all kinds of trucks regardless of any brand or condition. Book Free Scrap Truck Pick-up right at your place.

Fast and Free Car Removal in Brisbane! Call Onyx Car Removal Now to Schedule Your Pickup!

Recent Purchases

Mitsubishi Outlander (2010)

Mitsubishi Outlander (2010)

Redland Bay
Upon receiving a customer’s call regarding an engine issue with their Mitsubishi Outlander (2010), they expressed financial constraints hindering them from affording the necessary repairs.


Volkswagen Caddy (2012)

We recently received an unregistered Volkswagen Caddy (2012) from a customer in Annerley Qld, who needed to remove it promptly. Recognizing their urgency, we offered a hassle-free solution by providing complimentary towing services.


Honda Jazz (2009)

A customer approached us with an old car they no longer needed, seeking to sell it as-is to reclaim space on their lawn. We offered top cash for their vehicle and delivered exceptional service.


Nissan Micra (2008)

Acacia Ridge
The customer reached out to us regarding a mechanical issue and their inability to dedicate resources for repairs. We offered a top-dollar deal and organized a car pickup within 2 hours.


Kia Rio (2014)

Alexandra Hills
In Alexandra Hills, the customer possessed an old Kia Rio (2014) car without registration or a roadworthy certificate and sought quick disposal. We facilitated free towing within an hour to assist with their prompt disposal.


Audi A6 (2010)

With a blown head gasket and a damaged engine, the car was destined for scrapping over the weekend. We presented an unbeatable offer and swiftly scheduled pickup during that same weekend.

Onyx Car Removal Group in Brisbane QLD

Onyx Car Removal is one of the leading car removal businesses across Brisbane QLD. We have been dealing in the automotive, tyre, used auto parts, wrecking, recycling, as car buyers, and importing exporting experts since 2012.

The company’s strength is around 200 employees all over Australia. Our Mission To become a top car removal in the state of Queensland. Our customer satisfaction rate is ten times more than other auto recyclers. We offer free car removals, car pickup, truck pickup, quotation, paperwork.

Car Removal Benefit With Us In Brisbane

Our car removal services are specially designed to overcome the hassles that are faced at the time of removing immobile vehicles by car owners in Brisbane. Most of the time; however, people are being charged huge dollars just for collecting the cars from their premises. Isn’t it? But at Onyx Car Removal, No matter how far you may be from our business, we’ll be available for you in few hours without asking a single penny. Yes, you have heard right!! We offer free car pick-ups in all suburbs of Brisbane & also pay you to amount immediately via cash, credit card, or bank transfer. Not only this, but we are also committed to providing more additional benefits. Let’s have a look-

✔️ Eco-friendly Removal Brisbane
  • We adopt eco-friendly practices for car removal & its recycling in Brisbane. We assure you that our removal process will not harm the surroundings. Everything gets recycled in the car i.e. tires, windshields, radiators, rubber hoses, batteries, steel, iron, wheels, and car parts!!
✔️ Save Garage Space
  • Selling a car that is no longer serving offers valuable space in the garage. Nothing can be achieved from a vehicle sitting useless in the driveway; however, it’s better off to earn decent cash from it. Reach out to us on 07 2106 4029!!
✔️ Go Green
  • Go Green means adopt environment-friendly wrecking, dismantling & recycling of junk or wrecked cars rather than dumping. 96% of cars in Australia get recycled every year & you are just one call away.
✔️ Good Cash For Cars
  • We pay you a good amount of cash for all cars up to $9,999 instantly. Try out our Free Instant Online Valuation Today & know how much your car’s worth is.
Car Removal Benefit With Us In Brisbane

Process Explained Post Car Removal

Onyx Car Removal
  • Our process of car disposal is very easy and clean for car owners who want to join us. As we explained above, just quick three steps are enough to sell any condition car for dismantling. Therefore, what after picking up up such cars from your door to our wrecking yard. At the time when we finally pay for vehicles, our team assigns a unique vehicle id (it help to identify the car during dismantling it) and it is written on the car body. Our process of dismantling starts when someone needs the used auto parts from any particular car. Since each car has VIN so easy to search make, model, and purchasing year that helps to create structured auto part inventory.The rest of the scrap metal we sell to the scrap metal dealers. So you are completely safe after selling your wrecked car to us. Without any further delay, get in touch with us right away!!

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